Directions    |    Membership Application Form

Directions for completing Application for Membership

Fill-out the Application form completely (answer every question; where appropriate, indicate 'None' or 'N.A.').


a) Check the membership category you are applying for.
b) Constitutional definition of membership categories:

          Active: "...shall be graduates in medicine or veterinary medicine or hold doctoral degrees in pathology or neuropathology who, when elected, are actively engaged in neuropathology including teaching, research, diagnosis and/or practice. They shall have made original contributions to neuropathology and have had at least four years of specialized training and/or experience in the study of diseases of the nervous system. At least two of these years must directly concern neuropathology, applied or experimental."
          Associate: "...persons of postdoctoral status who have had at least four years training and/or experience in any field related to neuropathology and who have made original contributions to neurological sciences."
          Affiliate: Either "Those engaged in the study of neuropathology who have completed at least one year of this study and who must qualify for Active or Associate membership within five years after election." Or "Outstanding individuals who have contributed meritoriously to the field of Neuropathology but who do not hold a doctoral degree.""
          Honorary: "...shall be exceptionally distinguished investigators or teachers in the field of the neurological sciences."

Name: Your name, as you write it professionally.

Work Address: Complete, current, work address for mailing.

Electronic addresses: Current work numbers for telephone, fax, and e-mail, as applicable.

Birth: Birth date and place.

Academic degree(s): List your graduate academic degree(s), including institution(s) and date(s).

Residency training: If applicable, list Board certification(s).

Academic appointment: If applicable, indicate type of residency training received, institutions, and dates.

Hospital affiliation: If applicable, list principal current hospital affiliation(s).

Membership in professional/scientific societies: List up to three.

Publications: List at least two, no more than five, all published, all relevant to basic or clinical neuroscience broadly conceived.

Sponsors: List names and complete addresses of the two Active/Associate members writing letters supporting your election to the AANP.

Submitting your Application: Send original and six copies of your completed Application for Membership form, and originals and six copies of each of your two sponsorship letters, and one set of reprints or copies of the publications you list in the Application form, to the AANP Membership Committee Chair. If possible, include a recent photograph for the Association's Archive. Your sponsors should not send their letters of recommendation directly to the chairperson.

Deadlines: Completed applications must be received on or before March 1st for consideration by the Membership Committee. The AANP members will then vote on the approved membership applicants at the next annual meeting (usually in June of the same year). Election to membership is annual: applications received after the above deadline will be considered the following year. Elected new members will be notified and listed in the AANP Newsletter and Membership Directory.

Current Chairperson of the AANP Membership Committee:

Juan C. Troncoso, MD Phone:  410-502-7979
Dept Pathology/ Division Neuropathology      Fax:       410-955-9777
Johns Hopkins Univ Sch Med Center E-mail:
558 Ross Bldg
720 Rutland Av
Baltimore, MD 21205

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Work Address:

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Academic Degrees:

Residency Training:

Specialty certification:

Academic appointment:

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Membership in professional/scientific societies:



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